Our jewellery tale begins is 1998 in Athens. Iro and Theofanis. Couple in life, we realised we had a story to tell about the values of our life that became the values of our work. An opportunity to travel together to a fascinating place. We have different roles in this journey.

When the idea for a new piece of jewellery takes place, a one by one the pieces that up until then trailed unfathomable paths in my mind, begin to fall into place in a process that can take days or even months.

At first they dance left and right up and down, disconnected and contradictory.

Usually in a piece of paper.

And then comes Theofanis. He grasps the saw and that something in my mind takes form and substance in his hands. Excitement! Yes, our collections are very different among themselves. I guess because as the years go by we found no other way to live but through change itself.


After all originality is in reality a point of view. Another interpretation in the words and soul of each person. And not at all necessary for all to agree in order for all to be correct. The horizon doesn’t have to be idyllic in order to be essential. We ride in the magic of the life we clearly share.

The aim.

The bliss that we feel when through our work we share feelings and points of view that would otherwise be shut away in time’s closet.